Alert Me A Scam
I have found many people like me are looking for affordable work at home jobs. Most of the time if we are looking for a job it is because we NEED it! Right? Well don't you think a legitimate job will not require any fees? I think so...

My purpose is to show you how not to be scammed. I have been searching, hunting, and trying to track down for the last FIVE years on ways I can work from home.

As I have educated myself more I started gathering all my information up and decided to write articles on things I have found that are work at home scams,  job scams in general, and what you can do to prevent you from being scammed.  I will also give you some information about legit jobs that you can do working at home.
Now.... I'm not saying all jobs are not going to require anything out of you. You see working at home is a convenience and working at your convenience like having your own computer, high speed internet, or home phone service are all going to have be a convenience to you. You know it's just like we fill out an application for a customer service job. We expect the company to give us head-phones to talk on, chairs to sit down in, and computers to pull their customer's information up on. By you working from home, you have to realize that you are going to have to convenience yourself by purchasing certain things to make your work life convenient for you.
I hope your are getting the picture!

What I want you to do is click through some of my articles, read them, give me some feed back and most importantly I want to know if I made a difference or helped you in some type of way.

Remember when you want something so bad, it doesn't come easy, but I at least want to make your journey easier to walk through. I wish you noting but success in the future and best wishes to all your work endeavors.

Best Wishes~Your Online Consultant for Online Scams